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Bruce has a rare talent . . . the best songwriter I have seen in a long time
Eric Bogle

Bruce Watson is a wordsmith, a teller of tales, a spinner of yarns. He is a contemporary songwriter with lots of stories he tells with passion and integrity. An Australian folk hero!
The Boite

That was absolutely f…ing brilliant!
Derek Guille, ABC Radio Melbourne 774
(on seeing a Bruce Watson performance)

He rocked the festival with a series of hysterically funny songs and heartwrenching songs. I was so impressed . . . Bruce is an animated performer with great songs in the folk tradition
Woodford Folk Festival

A talented singer/songwriter. He has a terrific rapport with the audience and a great range of songs
Peter Thomas, Radio 3AW

The high class singer/songwriter many of us would like to be but few will be
Graham Dodsworth, Folk Alliance Australia Newsletter

Watson crafts his songs with skill and has a real ear for a catchy melody
Folk Australia Website

Bruce is up there with the likes of Eric Bogle and Judy Small when it comes to writing and performing. One of the most entertaining and engaging performers at the Festival.
Illawarra Folk Festival

Bruce has a professionalism and timing of delivery which sorts him out very quickly from the average performer. He had the audience smiling and singing from the first song.

Bruce Watson is a remarkable singer and songwriter. He blasted the room with great, witty lyrics, and an energetic, joyful presentation. Bruce has a quirky, very Australian sense of humour. His topics about small, ordinary things in people's lives, were so evocative, it was like sitting on the family verandah listening to songs about our own lives.
Amalina Wallace Loaded Dog Folk Club, Sydney

Bruce had the house on an emotional roller coaster ride. Every one was singing, waving hands in the air, laughing or sitting quietly listening to a thought provoking song
Berwick Folk Club website

How does Bruce Watson write such great songs?
Ron Milligan, Blarney Bulletin

What a lovely album! Another Bruce Watson CD to add to my “play when I need to feel good about the world” pile
Judy Small

Fanbloodytastic. This album is one of the most impressive that I've heard in ages, and I hear lots.
David Miller, 3MDR (on "A Moving Feast")

Bruce (has) the amazing gift of putting to words and music emotions that most of us feel but cannot express. Amazon is the most important piece of music I've heard in the last 15 years.
Pat Fraser, owner, Twilight Cafe

We played it and played it (A Moving Feast) and again ... love it.
David Long (Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM)

I love the harmonies, the sentiments expressed, the fabulously clever lyrics and humour, the humanity imbedded in so many songs. Come to think of it I love them all. Congratulations!
Phil Melgaard (performer) (on new CD "Balance")

One of Australia’s finest contemporary songs
Joe Dolce (Bruce’s song September 11)

One of the most moving songs to ever to come out of Australia
Col Johnson (Radio FM 89.1 Cairns)
(on "The Man and the Woman and the Edison Phonograph")

"101 Songs" (songbook) is a wonderful contribution to modern Australian folk music.
Rollo Keik, Mount Beauty Music Muster